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This is a book about implementing refreshing business strategies in the marketplace including:
• Strategies every successful leader must know.
• Sales Management Tactics for the goal-oriented executive.
• Executive Leadership.
• Effective Marketing and Branding techniques.
• Design, Innovation, and the Luxury Domain.
• What you don’t know could hurt your business – Food for Thought.
• Additional thoughts about post-recession marketing.
• Effective political campaign strategies by utilizing marketing
techniques along with the personal brand.


– Sales and marketing managers/directors

– Entrepreneurs in all business stages

– College/University business faculty students

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Here’s the creative rationale behind the graphic image of the front book cover.

by Vagelis Tassopoulos (cover concept) and  Elsa Sturm (art director) — with Enfant Gate boutique advertising & marketing firm, Athens, Greece
A Tie that looks like an owl. An owl that looks like a tie. Business as seen through the eyes of Wisdom. A surreal, memorable visual conveying that entrepreneurial success is a result of a unique combination: professionalism, wisdom achieved through practice and a bold attitude.
What’s your take? Do you like it? Does it convey a suitable image for the main title along with the subtitle of the book? Does it seem somewhat retro in its stylistic cues?

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