Unconventional Business Wisdom is what everybody needs to have if they want to be successful entrepreneurs. In today’s education-inflated society, James shows how developing your entrepreneurial skills are paramount in building a successful business. With a record high numbers of MBA and PhD’s the next frontier in business will be creative thinking to blaze new trails in the business world. Unconventional Business Wisdom is not taught, it is experienced! Let James Roumeliotis guide you through your journey in business!

Baastian van Gent
Vice Chairman, Europe China Foundation

If you want to grasp key ideas on business tactics, and to understand how successful processes can be achieved thanks to clear and numerous examples, then ‘Entrepreneurial Essentials’ will surely be a very useful tool. Its approach is pragmatic, and also includes a sharp analysis of the sometimes hermetic luxury brand industry.

Stéphane Dellile
Managing Director & CEO at Chopard, Japan

As a medical practitioner, I found James Roumeliotis’s marketing and branding contents very relevant, as well as achievable to implement into my own practice for success.

Dr. Lila Bratani
Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon, Stuttgart, Germany

“Entrepreneurial Essentials”, combines research with proven practices in actual situations. The book offers a combination of books smarts and street smarts with sound advice in the most essential areas of business.

Leslie Powell
Business Consultant (for Franchisees) at McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Ltd.

You have covered an amazingly extensive array of topics in an easy to understand and to appreciate style. I am keen to share your wisdom and insights on ‘branding and customer engagement’ with my associates. Your book should be reviewed and discussed by the 2nd year MBA student-executives.

Bhaskar Patel
General Manager at Cybersoft Technologies Inc

The author has a knack for providing succinct, practical and well organized advice on a vast range of topics. The chapter on political campaigns should be read at the outset by all who are considering running for public office.

Wade Staddon, BA, MUP
Councillor – District 3, Chair – BEAC; City of Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada

We have started a new firm and I found many of your points right on the money.  Stay tuned and you can see your book in practice!

Frederick T. Pye
Portfolio Manager at Landry Morin Inc.